Based in Canberra, Penelope Boyd's current practice interogates traditional figurative painting to create a body of work that is both bright and unsettling. Her recent work takes a step away from realistic portraits and figures to be more immediate, combining highly detailed elements with playful colours and brushstrokes.

Drawing from the staged figures of vintage knitting and sewing patterns, Penelope conjures and array of characters and dreamy settings. They are at once whimsical and dangerous, and often allude to a larger narrative.

Penelope was awarded the Cliftons Art Prize in 2014, and has been a finalist in various prizes including the Shirley Hannan Portrait Prize (2014), and the Yen Female Art Award (2016, 2014). 

Penelope regularly undertakes commissions for portraits in Canberra and the surrounding area. For more information on the commission process, see the Contact page.

Penelope boyd painting